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A hallmark of the Christian faith is a concern for the common good borne out in service to others. The Center for World Mission's students, faculty, and staff find a wealth of opportunities to embrace this philosophy as a way of life. Today the Center serves as the umbrella for  K-12 schools in rural Africa. 


Why fund primary education in Africa?

Unlike North American and Europe public schools in much of Africa are not free. Liberia is one such nation and parents have to pay to send their children to school, In a country where the average income is under $10 a day this is out of reach for most.  Here at Star U,  we believe that education is a basic human right. In order to help meet this need, Star University and the Center for World Missions is helping to provide quality education in a safe nurturing environment.  

The Fay Rogers American School in Liberia
Johnsonville Village 
Galilee Campus-serves Massa Town, Lousina Town and Montserrado County (approximately 200 students)


Today we have a little over 100 students in K-6 with 10 teachers, including the Headmaster, Roosevelt Weah. We are following a build as you grow model and started the process of expansion to house grades 7,8,9 by the fall of 2017. 


We support this school at a monthly cost of only $1,900 USD. This small amount pays for:

  • School Supplies

  • Curriculum

  • Teacher Salaries

  •  One meal a day  for each student

        (often the only meal that these children will eat that day)